Why Would You Feel Sick and Dizzy?


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Some causes of dizziness and feeling sick can be dehydration, medications, heart problems, motion sickness, hypotension, anemia and heat stroke. Being dizzy is feeling lighted-headed or unbalanced, states Mayo Clinic.

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Because there are so many possible causes for dizziness and feeling sick, there also are many other symptoms associated with each cause. For example, feeling dizzy can be a symptom of hypotension, but other signs of this condition can include breathing difficulties and nausea, notes MedicineNet.

Vertigo, which is often linked to inner ear problems like inner ear inflammations or Meniere's disease, can cause the symptom of spinning. In the case of an inner inflammation, other symptoms can be nausea and vomiting.

Similarly, different medical conditions, such as Parkinson's, hypoglycemia or cardiomyopathy, can cause dizziness. Anyone who experiences severe, unexplained or recurring dizziness with other troubling symptoms should see a doctor.

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