Where Would You Find a Free Dental Clinic?

Free dental care is available at local health department clinics, charity clinics and dental schools. Services are free to individuals and families who meet residence and financial qualifications. Those whose income does not qualify them for free care may pay according to an income-based sliding scale of fees.

FindaHealthCenter.HRSA.gov lists community medical clinics, some of which provide dental care. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website shows free dental programs and clinics.

DentalLifeline.org offers free dental services across the United States to elderly, disabled or medically fragile individuals who cannot get public aid and cannot afford to pay. The organization makes dental house calls in Chicago and Denver, serving nursing homes, residential centers and homebound patients.

Dental schools such as Virginia Commonwealth University need patients for their dental students. Graduating students need patients for their dental board exams. While payment is free or sliding scale based on income for care by dental school students, it is usually free to board exam patients.

Programs that cover the cost of some or all types of dental care include Medicare, Medicaid in some states and the Children's Health Insurance Program.