What Would Cause Your Tongue to Turn Black?


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The tongue may turn black and hairy if it is affected by too much bacteria and yeast development. This condition may not be pleasant,but itdoes not pose any harm to the victim, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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People who smoke or drink excessive amounts of coffee or tea may beat a high risk of experiencing a black tongue. Other contributing factorsinclude poor dental hygiene, lack of sufficient fluids in the body, medication, aninability to produce enough saliva and radiation therapy on the head or neck.

Maintaining proper hygiene standards is often the first treatment for a black tongue.Brushing teeth regularly and using mouthwash products that do not contain peroxide and witch hazel is a good idea. Eating foods categorized as roughage has been known to help clean the mouth.

People who smoke and drink too much tea can correct the situation by quitting tobacco and limitingcaffeine intake. Ensuring that the body has sufficient amounts of fluids by drinking water and other healthy fruit juices can help manage the condition., but excessive sugars Ñ even natural ones Ñ can contribute to yeast issues.Those experiencing a black tongue should consult their doctor for an official diagnosis and treatment plan.

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