What would cause a late period but a negative pregnancy test?


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Causes of missed or late periods include excessive weight loss or gain, pelvic organ problems, exercise, emotional stress, and illness, according to WebMD. Many women occasionally skip a period and do not need medical attention unless the missed period is accompanied by other symptoms.

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Low body weight can stop ovulation and cause missed periods. Women with eating disorders may miss or have delayed periods if they weigh 10 percent below the normal range for their height. Likewise, obese women may experience absent periods because of the hormonal changes associated with body weight, reports Healthline.

Stress can cause missed periods because the body may respond to stress by suppressing the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls the pituitary gland and works with sex organs. During times of high stress, a woman may miss her period because the body is not managing hormones correctly, states EverydayHealth.com.

If a woman misses her period twice without reason, she should call her doctor. Additionally, if the woman is taking birth control correctly and misses two periods in a row, a doctor's consultation is necessary, states WebMD.

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