Why Would You Have Blood Mixed With Urine From a Catheter After Hernia Surgery?


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The bladder may have been affected during the hernia repair, a urinary tract infection may have developed or a more serious medical condition such as kidney disease could be present. Blood mixed with urine is uncommon after hernia surgery and warrants further evaluation, explains Dr. Hunter Wessells for Everyday Health.

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A urinalysis is a component of an evaluation to determine the presence of blood in the urine and rule out a urinary tract infection. If blood mixed with urine, also called hematuria, is incessant, radiography of the upper urinary tract and cystoscopy of the lower urinary tract is an option. Normal test results could indicate the possibility of kidney disease or other medical conditions, notes Dr. Wessells.

Additional causes of hematuria include bladder or kidney cancer; prostate infection; and bladder or kidney stones. If test results determine the bladder, kidney, urinary tract and prostate are normal, a blood disorder may be considered. Blood disorders such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease and thrombocytopenia may be the underlying cause. Additionally, aspirin or warfarin are medications that thin the blood and are possible causes of the hematuria. Ultimately, a detailed evaluation is key since urine can also turn red from certain foods and drugs, according to MedlinePlus.

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