Why Would an Adult Need to Use Rubber Pants?


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Rubber pants can be effective for adults who struggle with urinary incontinence, according to WebMD. Rubber pants is a commonly used term for pull-on or snap-on protective wear for incontinence.

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There are many products available to adults who struggle with bladder control issues, including absorptive pads, disposable underwear, adult diapers and plastic pants. Typically these products are made of plastic and absorbent cloth material, while their predecessors were made of rubber or wool. They come in a variety of styles and colors for daily use or for overnight use. These products protect furniture and clothing from urinary leakage, come in a range of absorbencies, and can include antifungal or antibacterial properties. They are usually designed to keep moisture away from the skin and mitigate odor, sates WebMD.

The built-in cloth pads in washable, reusable adult panties or briefs can absorb 10 or more ounces of fluid. The overnight styles are designed to absorb more urine than the daytime variety. Adult diapers have a similar design and purpose to the reusable underwear, but they are disposable and intended to be discarded after use, according to WebMD. A type of rubber pants made of a molded latex has been used to treat incontinence but is currently not common.

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