What Are the Best and Worst Foods for People With Type 1 Diabetes?


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For people with type 1 diabetes, the best foods include those high in nutrients and protein and low in salt and sugar, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains while foods to avoid include canned fruits and vegetables, processed foods, and items with added sugar and syrup. People with type 1 diabetes can maintain a healthy diet while consuming a variety of foods, provided they use caution when selecting foods. All major food groups, including bread and grains, fruits and vegetables, contain best and worst options.

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What Are the Best and Worst Foods for People With Type 1 Diabetes?
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Diabetics, like the general population, must ensure they receive adequate nutrition and nutrients. Diabetics, like others, need a certain amount of carbohydrates. However, they ideally choose complex carbohydrates, which have less sugar and sodium. The best carbohydrate-rich foods include whole wheat flour, whole grains, such as rice, and cereals, bread and tortillas deriving from whole grains. Baked potatoes and corn products, including popcorn, make healthy choices. The worst choices in the carbohydrate category, according to WebMD, include white flour, processed grains, white bread, fried bread and tortillas and cereals with added sugar. Fresh vegetables, eaten raw or steamed, make healthy choices. Diabetics should stay away from canned vegetables, which contain added sodium, and vegetables cooked with butter, oil and rich sauces. Natural fruits and fruit juices without added sugar make healthy choices. However, diabetics avoid fruit roll ups, fruit juice with added sugar, and fruit desserts, which also contain added sugar.

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