What Are Some Worms That Inhabit Humans?


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There are thousands of different types of worms, but the three most common parasitic worms that can inhabit humans are flatworms, flukes and roundworms, notes Organic Nutrition. These worm types contain numerous different parasitic species that can inhabit the human body.

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Tapeworms and flukes breathe and eat through their own skin and therefore can live in a variety of places inside of the human body. Tapeworms tend to be found in the human digestive system and can grow up to 20 meters long. Flukes can live in the bloodstream and feed off of the nutrients and oxygen found within the blood, states Organic Nutrition.

Roundworms include pinworms, heartworms and hookworms. These parasitic worms have hollow bodies and can grow up to 5 inches long. They are most commonly found in contaminated foods and can be transferred to humans if the food is ingested, according to Organic Nutrition.

Patients who become infested with parasitic worms often experience similar symptoms, explains Organic Nutrition. They may experience persistent abdominal swelling, changes in their skin, anxiety, general fatigue, constipation and joint and muscle pain. To prevent a parasitic infection, it is essential to always practice good hygiene, cook foods thoroughly and drink clean and filtered water.

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