How Do You Work Out Your Back?

How Do You Work Out Your Back?

You work your back out by performing exercises with free-weights, your own body weight and machines. By using a variety of different exercises, you can target the different muscles of your back. Many exercises can be adjusted depending on your starting fitness level.

  1. Perform pull-ups

    Perform a pull-up by standing just beneath a pull-up bar or station. Jump up to the bar, and grip it. There are varying grips that can be used, but a standard grip is with hands just wider than your shoulders and your palms facing away from you. Your arms should be fully extended. Keeping your core straight and your legs still, and pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. Pause at the top before lowering yourself down.

  2. Perform one-arm rows

    Perform one-arm rows by using a bench and a dumbbell. Place one arm and knee on the bench and position yourself so that your back is flat and parallel to the bench. Using the arm not positioned on the bench, grab a dumbbell and hold it with your arm straight. Contract your back muscles and bring the dumbbell up until your elbow is past your back. Repeat this exercise with both arms, performing the same number or repetitions.

  3. Perform lateral pull-downs

    Perform lateral pull-downs by sitting at the pull-down machine and taking the bar with a wide grip. Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor, and your palms should be facing outward. Lean your torso back slightly and pull the bar down until your muscles are fully contracted. Slowly let the bar go back up until it has returned to starting position.