What Are Some Words of Support to Offer Cancer Patients?


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Some supportive things to say to a cancer patient include asking her to talk about what she is going through, giving condolences that this is happening to her and giving her compliments regarding a personal aspect unrelated to the cancer, according to Prevention. Don’t tell her she looks skinny, as her weight loss may be related to the cancer or chemotherapy, and mentioning this is not supportive.

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When offering words of encouragement to someone with cancer, avoid mentioning that she is fortunate not to have a certain type of cancer, says Prevention. All types of cancer are serious, no matter the location of the body and the stage of cancer. Instead of saying something like this, ask the person with cancer to talk about the type of cancer she has, and allow her to speak about it openly. Don’t try to put blame on her for developing cancer, such as asking if she smokes.

To show support for someone with cancer, let her know you care about her, that you are thinking about her and that you are there to help, says Cancer.Net. Offer emotional support and practical help. Ask if she needs help with running errands, picking up medications, going grocery shopping or cooking meals. Also ask about watching her children or pets or helping out around the house. Sometimes just being there to keep her company is enough.

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