What Are Some Words of Comfort for Someone Dealing With Cancer?


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Examples of words of comfort for individuals diagnosed with cancer include asking how the patient feels, offering to help in any way possible and listening to the patients' responses with care, according to Cancer.org. Encouragement is recommended, but it is important to avoid false optimism or to tell the cancer patient to always stay positive, as patients may interpret this as discounting the significance of their fears and concerns.

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What Are Some Words of Comfort for Someone Dealing With Cancer?
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Cancer patients and their families often use humor to cope with cancer diagnoses, notes Cancer.org. The website recommends letting patients take the lead with humorous anecdotes or side effects; if patients joke, joining them in a hearty laugh relieves stress and allows patients to take a break from dealing with the seriousness of their condition, improving their mood.

Complimenting the appearance of cancer patients can help improve their mood, as recommended by Cancer.org. The compliments, however, must be sincere, as cancer patients who are looking pale or who have lost weight are likely acutely aware of the fact. For this reason, avoid telling cancer patients about negative or disappointing aspects about their appearance. Additionally, sharing stories about family members or friends who also had cancer is not recommended, as the response of each individual is different, and anecdotal stories may not be helpful.

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