How Do Women Urinate When Bedridden?


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Bedridden women use bedpans for urinating, states Drugs.com. While male patients prefer urinals for urinating and bedpans for bowel movements, female patients use bedpans for both bowel movements and urination.

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Bedpans are either metal or hard plastic, claims Drugs.com. Some are specially designed for patients who cannot move their hips, such as patients with hip fractures.

To help a patient who can raise her buttocks, the caregiver wears disposable gloves, spreads a waterproof pad beneath the patient's buttocks to protect the bed from spills, possibly raises the bed head, and supports the lower part of the patient with one hand while putting the curved edge of the bedpan underneath the patient's buttocks with another. The caregiver raises the bed head further so that the patient is in a sitting position and then allows her to urinate. After urination, the caregiver lowers the head of the bed before supporting the lower back of the patient with one hand and removing the bedpan with another.

If a patient cannot raise her buttocks, the caregiver rolls her aside before protecting the bed with a waterproof pad, according to Drugs.com. The caregiver holds the bedpan against the patient's buttocks while she is rolled back onto the bedpan before raising the head of the bed. Once the patient is done, the caregiver rolls her on her side and removes the bedpan.

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