How Does a Women Get a Six Pack?

How Does a Women Get a Six Pack?

To get a six-pack as a woman, complete a series of abdominal exercises two to three times a week, including a reverse crunch, bent-elbow plank and bicycle. Perform each exercise slowly until you reach temporary muscle failure, rest for 30 to 60 seconds, and complete one to three sets of each exercise.

  1. Perform a reverse crunch

    Lie down on the floor or an exercise mat. Hold your knees at a 90-degree angle, and lift your feet about 3 inches off of the floor. With your hands by your sides or above your head, contract your abdominal muscles, and raise the hips up and in toward the rib cage. Exhale as you contract, and then inhale to release and return to the starting position.

  2. Hold a bent-elbow plank

    Lie down on your stomach. Place your forearms on the ground with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Then extend your legs and lift the rest of your body into a plank position. Contract the abdominal muscles. While maintaining a neutral spine, hold your body in a plank for 90 seconds to complete one set.

  3. Complete the bicycle exercise

    Lie down on your back with the hips and knees bent at 90-degree angles. Place your hands behind the head, and lift the shoulder blades off the ground. Extend the left leg out, bring the right leg into the chest, and rotate the left shoulder towards the right knee.