What Do Women Say About the Pain of Giving Birth?


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The pain of giving birth is similar to internal twisting combined with the pain of menstrual cramps, only much more severe, according to Parents.com. Some women experience serious lower back pain, and for other women, giving birth was less painful than they expected.

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For many women, labor pains are the most intense pains they feel, according to Parents.com. However, by the time they reach the need to push, the worst is over. The pain can feel like a stabbing in the stomach, like muscles twisting harder and harder, like internal squeezing, or like a person is trying to pull out the internal organs. Epidurals help many women with pain, sometimes resulting in immediate relief.

The experiences of women in labor vary from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy, explains WebMD. In general, however, contractions cause pain in a woman's back, lower abdomen and pelvis. The contractions move like waves from the top of the uterus to the bottom, and changing position does not help the contractions abate. However, women get some measure of relaxation in between contractions. During the first stage of labor, women should stay home, attempt to distract themselves and rest for the active labor to come.

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