How Do Women Lose Weight?


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Women can lose weight by dealing with personal problems before losing weight, eating a balanced diet and engaging in physical activity. Women should eat a variety of foods, such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Women limit consumption of sugar and negative fats as well as starches, including rice, potatoes and pasta.

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Women tend to eat more when dealing with stress and anxiety, which is why dealing with any form of turmoil before losing weight is crucial, according to Liz Doup for Jillian Michaels. Trying to lose weight while dealing with personal issues makes it harder to reach weight loss goals. Exercising is a good way to manage stress, and physical activity prevents overeating.

Women should exercise daily. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are important exercises to consider because women don't burn calories as fast as men do. Women should engage in cardio exercise for at least 30 to 60 minutes on most days while doing comprehensive strength training twice a week.

Those who are trying to lose weight should avoid skipping meals because doing so can lead to hunger and excess eating. Eating breakfast is another way to keep hunger at bay. Using smaller plates reduces portion sizes and cuts down on calorie intake.

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