What Are Most Women Looking for in Their Men?

women-looking-men Credit: Alistair Berg/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Most women are looking for a combination of stability, sense of humor and good looks in their men. Financial security, respect and the ability to carry on a conversation are also important factors for women when choosing a man.

According to LovePanky.com, most women are really just looking for a man who is capable of standing on his own two feet. If a man can do this respectfully, then he makes for a potentially good father. Inevitably, looks do play an important factor, but not in the sense that most men may think. Women prefer a man who is well-groomed and clean over one with strikingly handsome features.

A woman looks for a man who stands up tall and asserts himself without being too overbearing and pushy. This sense of confidence makes a man shine, and women notice. If a man is able to keep his calm and not become arrogant, a woman appreciates this and is able to overcome her own insecurities.

When a man takes the time to listen to a woman, no matter how long she talks about seemingly unimportant things, he can show her that he truly cares for her. This is something that every woman looks for in a man. The most basic thing a woman looks for is respect.