What Are Women Looking for in a Marriage?


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Some qualities women desire in a marriage include intimacy, trust, romance and shared goals. These qualities may manifest themselves in different ways for different couples, but they are all important to a sustainable marriage.

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Emotional intimacy and trust are two of the most desirable qualities for women. These are broad categories that have many different facets, from feeling safe with a partner to being able to communicate openly. Women want a husband who can be a friend and confidante, someone who is there to lend a sympathetic ear and help solve problems. They also want someone who is able to communicate honestly about feelings and doesn’t bottle things up. Finally, intimacy can also mean feeling safe and comfortable in a relationship, with a partner who doesn’t have significant mental health issues, addiction problems or abusive tendencies.

Romance is also a vital quality for a successful marriage. Women need genuine passion that is able to sustain itself over the course of a relationship. It may ebb and flow throughout the marriage, but sexual chemistry is vital for couples to stay in love. Outside of sex, this also includes romantic gestures and general affection.

Women also look for a partner who shares similar goals, or at least compatible ones. Basic life decisions such as where to live, whether to have children and how much emphasis to place on careers can all affect the strength and durability of a marriage.

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