What Are Women Looking for in a Man?


In a man, women look for an ability to understand and appreciate the woman, an ability to prioritize spending time with the woman, and trustworthy behavior. A woman also looks for a man that allows the woman to live as her true, authentic self, says Match.com.

A woman wants to know that her man appreciates all of the things that she does for her man and her family, according to Fox News Magazine. Many women both work and raise children and women appreciate a man that listens well and appreciates the woman's struggles to manage time and energy. Women also appreciate a man that sets aside time each day to spend with his partner.

Women look for a man that thoughtfully undertakes kind gestures for his partner. The gestures can be as simple as physical affection, an unsolicited phone call or something more grand, such as a date night. A woman wants a trustworthy man that makes her feel secure in the relationship. For example, a trustworthy man doesn't make jokes about leaving his partner for a more attractive woman, says Match.com

A woman looks for a man that allows the woman the freedom to live comfortably. That means he doesn't criticize if she wears an old t-shirt to bed and he doesn't police what she eats. The man should even insist that the woman stay true to herself and not become a chameleon for her partner. A woman also wants a man that offers kind comments both about her looks and about other attributes such as her intelligence or sense of humor, according to Match.com.