Why Do Women Lie About Being Pregnant?

According to Sciences 360, women lie about being pregnant for multiple reasons: emotional manipulation over their partner, the need for attention and financial support. In some rare cases, women who are not pregnant become convinced that they are. This kind of false pregnancy is known as pseudocyesis. In these cases, however, the woman is not actually lying because she believes she truly is pregnant.

Lying about being pregnant for emotional manipulation over a partner is a way for a woman to try to keep a failing relationship together. Women who do this are usually desperate to do anything to keep their partners with them, including lying about carrying their children. Oftentimes, desperate women try to use this lie as a way to force their partners into marrying them. These lies are typically followed with the woman attempting to get pregnant before the lie is discovered.

Sometimes women lie about being pregnant just for the attention. Society makes having a baby a big deal. Women are showered with praise, gifts and support during this time. Women who crave this type of excitement are quick to jump at any opportunity to have more attention showered on them. At times, this even includes pretending to be pregnant, states Sciences 360.