Do Women Have Different Heart Attack Symptoms Than Men Do?


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The symptoms of heart attacks are different in women than they are for men, according to WebMD. Women tend to experience less obvious symptoms and don't typically feel severe chest tightening or pain running down the right arm, though these can happen.

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Do Women Have Different Heart Attack Symptoms Than Men Do?
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The chest pain a woman experiences during a heart attack may come on slowly and feel like squeezing, and it can occur in areas other than the left side of the chest. Women who suffer a heart attack feel pain in the neck, jaw or back more frequently than men do and may not even realize they are having a heart attack, according to WebMD.

Women may also feel extreme pressure on their abdomen during a heart attack, and they may mistake stomach pains for heartburn or an ulcer, states WebMD. A light head, profuse sweating, breathing difficulties or unexplained nausea could also indicate a heart attack is taking place.

Fatigue for no good reason can also be a symptom of a woman's heart attack. Any of these symptoms that cannot be explained should be discussed with a doctor as soon as possible. Women who feel chest pains, with or without these symptoms, should call 911 immediately, according to WebMD.

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