Why Do Some Women Date Chubby Men?


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Doc Love of Ask Men suggest that some women date chubby men because they find other aspects of the man attractive, such as his personality or financial situation. He also might have qualities that women admire, such as intelligence or responsibility.

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A woman might want to get to know the man's sense of humor or thoughtfulness. To many women, a good personality outweighs a physical appearance. Alternatively, a chubby man might have self confidence that appeals to women in both a physical and emotional way. If a woman has low self-esteem, she might use dating a chubby man to feel better about herself.

Alternatively, a woman might admire a man's intelligence. She would desire the man's intelligence for a potential mate to father children. If the man is responsible, the woman might see him as a father figure or as a helpful partner. In addition, the woman might believe that a man's physique doesn't last forever and she might value his personality or intelligence as long-term qualities for a partner that outweigh a short-term physique.

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