Why do women crave chocolate?


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Men and women have a craving for chocolate, but women crave it more than men because of hormonal changes, stress and low blood sugar before menstruating, according to FitDay. Experts theorize the reason is psychological because it gives women a valid purpose for consuming chocolate before menstruation.

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Chocolate is important to women who undergo their menstrual cycles because of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that emits elation and good feelings, notes FitDay. Women usually experience decreased serotonin levels roughly a week before their periods. Chocolate has essential minerals, such as magnesium, which is a helpful nutrient for women during menstruation. On a hormonal level, many women claim they have a particular craving toward chocolate. Chocolate is also a comfort food for men and women, and it can be a useful aid during times of stress or anxiety.

Women with low blood sugar have an affinity for chocolate because it raises blood sugar, and the darker variety has a low glycemic index that stabilizes blood sugar, reports FitDay. Women may find themselves craving chocolate if they feel low energy throughout the day. Chocolate also contains sugar that provides an energy boost when needed. Another reason may be largely cultural. For instance, studies show American women crave chocolate more than other women around the world. This may be explained by women from other nations being concerned about the high fat content and sugar of chocolate.

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