Why Do Women Have Bloating During Ovulation?


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The chemical and physical processes of ovulation can cause bloating. A woman's estrogen level increases before ovulation, causing a rapid increase in luteinising hormone, which pushes the mature egg towards the fallopian tubes. The higher level of hormones, combined with the egg's physical movement, can cause bloating, according to HealthStatus.

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According to the American Pregnancy Association, bloating during ovulation is considered a secondary symptom, meaning it does not happen to all women, and it does not happen on a consistent basis. Primary symptoms of ovulation, common signs that occur in most women, are changes in cervical fluid, basal body temperature and cervical position or firmness. Women who track their primary and secondary symptoms can become more aware of their menstrual cycles and better prepare for them. Tracking symptoms is useful for those who wish to know when pregnancy is most likely or least likely to occur, according to Ovulation Symptoms.

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