Do Women From Asia Live Longer on Average Than Women From Europe?


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Women from Asia have a shorter life expectancy at birth than women from Europe. According to World Life Expectancy, the average life span of an Asian woman is 69 years, whereas the average life span of a European woman is 79 years.

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According to BBC news, women in Japan have had the longest average life expectancy in the world since the late 1980s, but in 2012, Hong Kong surpassed Japan for the top spot at 86.70 years. However, many countries in central and southern Asia have dramatically lower life expectancy. One-third of Asian countries have a female life expectancy at birth of less than 70 years, according to World Health Rankings.

Europe has many of the longest average life spans in the world. More than 50 percent of European countries have a female life expectancy greater than 80 years, with several countries in the global top 10. In eastern Europe the numbers are generally lower, but the female life expectancy at birth is still between 74 and 83 years.

Life expectancy fluctuates from year to year. According to USA Today, the World Health Organization cites several factors that are contributing to longer life spans, including advances in medicine and a decline in tobacco use.

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