What Do You for a Woman Who Is Showing Obvious Signs of a Stroke?


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If you or someone you know are exhibiting signs of a stroke, call 911 immediately, WebMD urges. Indications of stroke may include sudden numbness or tingling. Difficulty moving arms, legs or facial muscles, particularly on only one side of the body, may also be a sign of a stroke.

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What Do You for a Woman Who Is Showing Obvious Signs of a Stroke?
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Other possible indications of stroke include sudden confusion and difficulty speaking, says WebMD. Symptoms of a stroke depend on whether it is due to a blood clot (a type known as an ischemic stroke) or to bleeding (known as a hemorrhagic stroke). Severity of the stroke also influences symptoms.

In the hospital, an ischemic stroke victim may receive a medication called a tissue plasminogen activator, which dissolves blood clots. Administration of this medication at the onset of a stroke improves the odds of recovery, according to WebMD. Aspirin can also help thin the blood and reduce clotting.

Treatment for hemorrhagic stroke victims focuses on reducing bleeding in the brain, WebMD states. If the bleeding is the result of an aneurysm, surgery may be necessary. Blood pressure medication is also often an important component of treatment, as it reduces pressure in the brain. High blood pressure is a leading cause of strokes.

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