What Is Wobenzym Used For?


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Some of the uses of Wobenzym include alleviating inflammatory conditions and helping the body to achieve healthy aging, explains Drugs.com. Wobenzym, like other systemic enzymes, acts as a biological catalyst that hastens chemical reactions in the body and boosts enzymatic catabolism in conditions such as inflammatory diseases.

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As a systemic enzyme, Wobenzym works through the entire body as an anti-inflammatory to relieve pain, defend against inflammation and speed up recuperation from injuries, according to Wobenzym. The drug acts as an anti-fibrosis that clears excess fibrous tissue after a wound heals, making scars less conspicuous. During blood-cleansing, it eliminates excess fibrin to prevent clots in blood vessels that can cause stroke or heart attack.

Wobenzym, a combination of the antioxidant rustin and proteolytic enzymes, helps to balance the immune system, states Drugs.com. The systemic enzyme also helps to strike a balance between anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body. It enables the body to defend itself against disease-causing micro-organisms, dangerous chemicals and foreign bodies.

Wobenzym helps patients achieve healthy joints through its work as a nutritional enzyme supplement, according to the manufacturer. As a natural enzyme, Wobenzym prepares the body to handle muscle soreness, strain and other conditions resulting from exertion.

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