How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Being Unfaithful?


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Determining that a wife is being unfaithful is difficult without catching her in the act, but markedly different behavior, longer work hours, withdrawal of affection and a sudden need for privacy can all be indicators of an affair. Investigate the situation, and confront a potentially unfaithful partner calmly.

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How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Being Unfaithful?
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A woman who is being unfaithful may suddenly demonstrate a renewed interest in her appearance by going to the gym, buying new clothes or wearing new perfume. She may also begin insisting upon more privacy than she needed before, especially regarding her phone and computer. She may spend more time online or begin working longer or more unusual hours. A woman who is cheating may frequently mention her new paramour, insisting that he is just a friend, or request some space, citing stress or confusion about work, her personal life or the marriage itself. She may also be more short-tempered than she usually is, even seeming to pick fights.

None of these changes individually indicate that someone is cheating. However, taken as a pattern, they can add up to suspicious behavior that may be cause for concern. Investigate the situation privately by asking questions, talking to mutual friends and examining credit card bills, receipts and other documentation for discrepancies. Stay calm and skeptical during confrontations, and contact a marriage counselor if necessary to communicate in a constructive way.

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