How Do You Get Wider Hips?

Wider hips can be obtained through a combination of exercise and a high protein diet or by undergoing plastic surgery to deposit fat or silicone implants into the hip area.

The safest way to widen the hips is to adopt a fitness regimen that includes exercises targeted toward this area. There are many exercises that may enhance the hip area, including squats, lunges, and hip adduction. For maximum impact, incorporate weights or dumbbells into strength-training workouts.

It is important to adhere to a nutritious diet when attempting to widen the hip area. A diet that is high in proteins helps to build muscle in the hip area when combined with exercise. It may also be a good idea to consume healthy carbs, which provide energy, before beginning a workout.

A quicker, more expensive route to wider hips is plastic surgery. Cosmetic hip implant surgery involves implanting silicone under the skin to give a fuller look to the hips. Implants may be of various widths and lengths. After surgery, wearing a compression garment is necessary for approximately four weeks. Avoid strenuous activity in the weeks following the procedure. Hip implants are not as invasive as buttock implants and may be a safer option.