What Is the Most Widely Misunderstood Information on Cancer?


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How a person can develop cancer is among some of the most widely misunderstood information about the disease, as stated by the National Cancer Institute. There are a number of myths about certain practices or food products giving people cancer.

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Cancer occurs when genetic mutations cause certain cells to multiply rapidly out of control. These cells form tumors and in advance stages cancer cells spread to other areas of the body and start growing into tumors. Despite this disease being around, as long as there have been humans, it is still widely misunderstood. People have a number of beliefs concerning how cancer gets started in the body, according to the National Cancer Institute.

For years some have believed that artificial sugars, like sucralose and aspartame cause cancer. Yet, numerous studies show no connection between people developing cancer and those who use artificial sweeteners. Others believe that cancer can be caused by power lines, cell phones, hair dyes, antiperspirants and deodorant. No connection has been found between the use of these chemicals or pieces of technology and the development of cancer.

Unfortunately, some also have the wrong ideas about how cancers grow and spread. Those with no family history of cancer cannot just assume that they are cancer risk-free, just as those with lots of cancer in their families cannot assume that they are guaranteed to develop cancer. As with many diseases, it is not possible to predict who will and won't develop this disease.

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