Whst Causes Bleeding Gums?


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Some possible causes of bleeding gums include exerting too much pressure when brushing, poor flossing technique, infections, tooth implants, hormonal changes especially when a woman is expectant, scurvy, leukemia, the use of blood thinners and injury. Bleeding gums may be a sign of gum disease, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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Whst Causes Bleeding Gums?
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A person experiencing gum bleeding due to improper flossing technique or exerting too much pressure when brushing can remedy the situation by simply applying less force when brushing or being gentle when flossing.

When an individual has been involved in an accident, the best way to deal with the bleeding is to pay a visit to the doctor. Doctors will prescribe drugs that are able to stop the bleeding while also relieving pain that may be experienced.

Bleeding of the gums that is brought about by conditions such as scurvy and leukemia can best be treated at a health facility. A doctor may also give advice on the best way to control bleeding at home.

Some infections may affect the teeth or gums and this will eventually lead to weakening of the gums. If this happens, a person is likely to experience gum bleeding. There are certain mouthwash products and toothpastes that may help deal with the situation and prevent recurrence. A person that is not properly diagnosed and treated when experiencing gum bleeding may end up losing their teeth, according to WebMD.

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