What Is the Whole30 Meal Plan?


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The Whole30 meal plan is an eating plan that cuts out certain food groups and ingredients for 30 days. The food groups that a person following this plan doesn't eat include sugar of all kinds, grains, alcohol, most legumes, dairy, carrageenan and MSG.

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What Is the Whole30 Meal Plan?
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The premise of the Whole30 plan is that some ingredients or foods are responsible for negatively affecting energy levels, weight, bodily functions and skin issues. By cutting these ingredients and foods out of a diet for 30 days, it's believed that people will reset their metabolisms and change their eating habits for the better.

Followers are encouraged to eat real foods like eggs, vegetables, fruit, meat and good fats, such as those found in nuts and seeds. Anyone on this meal plan should eat foods with as few ingredients as possible or foods that are all-natural. They should avoid recreating baked or junk foods even with approved ingredients as this may lead them back into bad eating habits. A few ingredients exceptions are made, including salt, clarified butter and some legumes.

Whole30 followers should also avoid weighing or measuring themselves for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, optimal results are that participants lose weight and have a healthier attitude toward food for the rest of their lives.

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