What Are Some Whole Food Diets for Weight Loss?


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Some whole-food diets for weight loss include the low-carb diet and a natural diet based on fruits and vegetables, explains WebMD. Vegetables and fruits are low in calories, which promotes weight loss. Diets that are low in carbohydrates cause short-term weight loss.

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What Are Some Whole Food Diets for Weight Loss?
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Vegetables and fruits are nutrient-dense, which makes them staples of whole-food diet plans, adds WebMD. While vegetables and fruits weigh more than some processed foods, they are usually lower in calories. The water and fiber in these foods satiate dieters, causing them to eat less overall.

The low-carb diet requires limiting carbohydrate-rich foods to a maximum of 30 grams per day, says WebMD. Dieters should avoid foods such as potatoes, rice, flour, sugar and bread. This diet includes eating foods that are high in protein for every meal. Organic, whole foods need to be consumed raw, if possible, on this diet.

Another weight loss diet option is the Mayo Clinic Diet, according to the Mayo Clinic. This diet relies on whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables. It emphasizes whole-grain carbohydrates, legumes, fish, unsaturated fats and low-fat dairy. It does not require calorie counting.

The Mediterranean diet increases weight loss and promotes heart health, states the Mayo Clinic. On this eating plan, dieters consume plant-based foods, whole grains and nuts, while avoiding salt in favor of herbs or spices. The diet requires fish and poultry-based meals twice per week.

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