How Do You Whiten Your Teeth Super Fast?


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Undergoing a teeth whitening procedure in a dentist’s office can bring faster results than using at-home whitening kits, according to WebMD. Dentists typically use much stronger bleaching solutions than at-home kits.

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Dentists often use bleaching agents containing 15 to 43 percent peroxide, whereas at-home kits usually contain 3 to 20 percent peroxide, says WebMD. Teeth can be whiter when a person uses a strong solution on the teeth for a longer period. However, whitening solutions with a higher peroxide percentage have more potent effects and should be applied for a shorter period.

In-office tooth whitening can whiten the teeth up to eight shades brighter after several sessions that take 30 minutes to an hour, states WebMD. Dentists can sometimes perform the whitening process in a single two-hour session using special techniques, such as the Zoom system. They use bleach and laser or light to speed the procedure. They use a gel or shield before applying the bleaching agent to protect the patient’s gums.

Bleaching the teeth alters the tooth enamel’s color and gets rid of exterior and deeper stains in the teeth. People who use home kits incorrectly are at risk of having burned gums, so it’s important to consult a dentist first before choosing a bleaching option.

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