How Do You Whiten Dentures?

There are several ways to lighten dentures in order to give the appearance of whiter teeth. Some ways to lighten the teeth in a denture are scrubbing them with a liquid hand soap, using a denture cleaner, or using an ultrasonic denture cleaner.

Thoroughly scrub dentures with a stiff nail brush and liquid hand soap with water to attempt to lighten the teeth and remove any staining or discoloring of the false gums. Stroke all of the denture firmly but slowly and carefully. This is the most economical method yet still may not yield desired results.

Using a denture cleaner, such as Efferdent or Polident, may work better. Scrub the denture as described above first, then soak the denture in the cleaning solution prepared following the package instructions for optimal effect. This method should only be done once a week, or the denture may bleach out, causing the gum portion to appear abnormal.

An ultrasonic denture cleaner is a more modern and hygienic method to clean and lighten dentures. It is a small electronic device to soak dentures in that loosens stains and bacteria from the most minute crevices. Scrub the denture before using the device as described above and again afterward to remove any loosened minuscule particles loosened by the ultrasonic cleaning.