What Is the White Rice Diet?


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The White Rice Diet, also known as the Rice Diet, is a dietary regimen that involves the reduction of calories, fat, protein, sodium and sugar. The diet is meant to improve blood pressure, promote weight loss and cut down kidney issues. White rice is the main food item of this diet.

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What Is the White Rice Diet?
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Apart from rice, the aptly named White Rice Diet mainly consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, dairy products and olive oil. The main objective is to induce weight loss within a period of two to four weeks. According to the New York best seller, "The Rice Diet Plan Solution," women are expected to lose an average of 20 pounds during this period, while men can expect to shed around 30 pounds. The book also encourages people adhering to the Rice Diet plan to exercise for better results and keep a food journal for recording their progress.

German physician Walter Kempner, who once taught and conducted research in Duke University's Department of Medicine, is credited with originating the Rice Diet in 1939. He developed the dietary regimen to combat conditions like hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. In recognition of his work, the Rice Diet is also known as the Kempner Diet.

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