What Does a White Bump on the Inner Eyelid Indicate?

A white bump on the inner eyelid can indicate a small fluid-filled sac known as a cyst, according to MedlinePlus. Cysts can affect your vision and may produce tenderness of the eyelid or a gritty, scratchy sensation.

Beyond cysts, white or skin-colored bumps on the eyelid could also indicate a papilloma, a bump that is typically harmless, but as it grows, it can affect vision, explains MedlinePlus. Papilloma bumps are often surgically removed for cosmetic reasons if they become bothersome for patients. If the white bump also has a yellow patch or tint, it could indicate xanthelasma. Xanthelasma bumps are sometimes a sign of high cholesterol; however, the bumps are harmless and attributed to increasing age.

Viral infections of the skin, also known as molluscum contagiosum, produce small white bumps or lesions on the eyelid. The lesions often self-resolve after two years, but the infection can last up to two years, notes Harvard Square Eyecare in Cambridge, Mass. Treatment with a topical cream may speed up the recovery process. In rare cases, patients can have surgery or laser treatment to remove the lesions or bumps. A consultation with an opthamologist is recommended if the bumps become painful or affect vision.