What Is a White Bump on the Gum Line?

White bumps on the gum line may be canker sores, according to MedicineNet. They also appear because of bacterial infections, abscesses and, rarely, oral cancers.

Canker sores are the most common cause of white bumps on the gum line, notes MedicineNet. In addition to being white, they may have an orange or red border, explains WebMD. These sores are usually painful, or they can produce a tingling sensation.

It is rare for a white bump on the gum line to indicate oral cancer, notes MedicineNet. Other signs of oral cancer include unexplained bleeding in the mouth; numbness in areas of the mouth; a sore throat or voice changes; ear pain; and dramatic weight loss, according to WebMD.

In addition to producing white bumps, tooth abscesses come with throbbing pains, states Mayo Clinic. The patient may also experience swelling, sensitivity to chewing and a fever. In some cases, patients can smell the pus coming from the white bump, and swollen lymph nodes accompany the fever.

Women who are pregnant may experience white bumps around the mouth because of hormonal changes, according to MedicineNet. These bumps are particularly common near the gum line and are called pyogenic granuloma. Anyone experiencing white bumps that do not appear to be canker sores should seek the advice of a medical or dental professional.