How Does Whisky Soothe a Baby's Teething Pain?


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Whiskey does not have a numbing effect on the gums as a baby's teeth are coming up, according to WebMD. Furthermore, babies and young children should not consume alcohol, even in small amounts.

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An effective way to help sooth a baby's teething pain is to use a teething toy that has been chilled in a freezer, states WebMD. The cooling effect from these toys both soothes pain and numbs the gums, providing relief. For older children, a sugarless ice pop can help, but parents should pay attention to their children while they eat them.

Another option to consider is rubbing the baby's gums using a clean finger or moist gauze pad, explains Mayo Clinic; this pressure can provide some pain relief. Cold washcloths and spoons can also be comforting, as can a cold teething ring, but a frozen one can be harmful. For babies old enough to eat hard foods, having something to gnaw on, such as a chilled carrot or cucumber, can help, although it's important to make sure small pieces don't break off and present a choking hazard. Parents can further help by drying drool from their children's faces; drooling is common while babies are teething and can cause skin irritation.

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