Does Whiskey Have Gluten?


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Barley whiskey, although not typically 100 percent gluten free, generally has a gluten content that is below the FDA's proposed 20 parts per million standard for "gluten-free" products. It is thought, though without significant evidence, that the whiskey distillation process removes the majority of gluten proteins from the final product.

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Some distillation processes, however, may add gluten-containing caramel coloring or undistilled barley mash back into the final product, adding gluten to the product.

The Celiac Sprue Association disagrees with the FDA's findings, arguing that whiskey from glutinous grain products like barley are not recommended for those following gluten-free diets. They suggest alternate spirits and liquors made from pure non-gluten-containing products, such as potato vodka, sugarcane rum and agave tequila.

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