Is Whey Protein Good for You?


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Although many people receive adequate protein through their regular diet, whey protein is good for those who exercise heavily to increase muscle size and strength, want to preserve their muscles but reduce fat, and need to quell hunger without consuming bulky foods. Additionally, medical research indicates that whey protein may help to fight cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduce stress, relieve inflammation, and enable the immune system to work more efficiently.

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When athletes exercise, muscles are constantly breaking down and repairing themselves. To benefit from exercise, a body's protein production must exceed the amount of protein used up in muscle destruction. A whey protein shake consumed after a workout aids muscle recovery. Because whey protein is fat-free, it builds muscles without creating weight gain. Taking it in combination with strength training reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which promotes cardiovascular health. Whey protein also provides a complete inventory of the amino acids needed to maintain healthy organs, skin, tissue, hormone levels and brain function.

Studies have shown that consumption of whey protein may inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. Researchers equate its success in stress relief with its effect on brain serotonin. Those who participate in intense cardio workouts experience a reduction of glutathione levels, which lessens the effectiveness of the immune system. However, using a whey protein supplement gives a boost to the depleted immune system by helping to maintain glutathione levels.

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