What Are Some Wheat-Free Foods?


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Wheat-free foods include butter, eggs, rice, ground almonds and olive oil. Food groups that contain primarily wheat-free foods include fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat. If a person has a wheat allergy, he should always consult a product's ingredients list before eating it, as ingredients change frequently.

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What Are Some Wheat-Free Foods?
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Wheat-free fruits include apples, bananas, berries and oranges, while wheat-free vegetables include spinach, asparagus, broccoli and lettuce. Wheat-free dairy products include milk, cream and cottage cheese. Yogurt and cheese also typically don't contain wheat, but yogurts with additives or shredded cheeses may contain wheat.

Wheat-free meats include beef, pork, fish, lamb and lobster. Turkey doesn't contain wheat, but whole turkeys are sometimes brined with a liquid that contains wheat. While fish are usually wheat-free, breaded fish may not be. Beverages are usually wheat-free, although powdered drink mixes may contain wheat.

Products can be considered wheat-free or gluten-free. Wheat is a grain that contains gluten. A product labeled as gluten-free is typically safe for a person with a wheat allergy to eat, however a product labeled wheat-free is not always safe for a person with a gluten allergy to eat. Most of those who are allergic to gluten have celiac disease, which causes a toxic immune response when gluten is ingested.

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