What Are Wheat Belly Recipes?


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Wheat Belly recipes are wheat-free recipes offered by the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute, an organization that encourages people to stop consuming wheat as a part of their diets. A number of the recipes offered on WheatBelly.com are intended as substitutes for foods that normally contain wheat.

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The Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute is run by program director Lisa Grudzielanek and cardiologist William Davis, author of the 2012 diet book "Wheat Belly." In "Wheat Belly," Davis claims that omitting wheat and certain other grains from a person's regular diet helps to stabilize blood sugar and body weight. It should be noted that these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, and there is insufficient research to support a majority of the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute's claims.

Some Wheat Belly recipes, such as wheat belly pizza crust, use ingredients such as ground almonds, flax and chickpea flour to replace wheat and grain-based flours. This allows the dieters to consume foods they are used to eating while avoiding wheat. Other recipes are intended to help with the transition to a wheat-free diet. For example, the wheat withdrawal zinger smoothie contains minerals, such as potassium, vitamin D and magnesium, and is intended to aid in correcting nutritional deficiencies and restoring healthy intestinal flora.

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