For What Is Wernets Denture Powder Used?


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Wernets denture powder is an adhesive used to hold dentures in place all day and keep food particles from getting trapped between the gum and denture. Many dentists recommend this GlaxoSmithKline denture fixative powder because of the control and comfort it gives to denture wearers.

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Wernets denture fixative powder is easy to use. After cleaning and rinsing the denture, sprinkle the powder on the denture's surface. Tap off excess powder and press the denture into place for a few seconds. Wait at least a few minutes before eating or drinking to ensure it sticks well.

When removing the denture, rinse the mouth with water and slowly remove the denture. Wipe off any fixative residue and soak the denture in a cleansing solution. After soaking, rinse the denture with water.

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