What Are Some Well-Reviewed Homes for Disabled Adults?


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Friends and family members of disabled adults can find well-reviewed facilities for their loved ones by contacting local organizations and groups that monitor the quality and reputations of group homes. Some good sources of information for this type of search are The Arc and Disability.gov.

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The Arc is an organization that offers supported living options and advocacy for the disabled, along with many other services. They operate across the United States. A disabled person or caregiver can find a local chapter on The Arc's website and then contact the group for more information. Even if an Arc-managed supported living arrangement is not available locally, the organization can offer advice and information on the reputations and quality of care offered by other local group homes.

Another source of information regarding living options and other important services for the disabled is Disability.gov, a government website dedicated to helping disabled people or their caretakers access programs and local organizations that may be of assistance. Local organizations are knowledgeable when it comes to group homes in the area and the quality of care and services they offer. Additionally, there are federal and local government programs, such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, that assist the disabled in finding places to live and managing living costs.

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