What Are Some of the Weirdest Human Phobias?

What Are Some of the Weirdest Human Phobias?

Some of the weirdest human phobias include aphenphosmphobia, cacophobia, novercaphobia, vestiophobia and selenophobia, according to Healthcentral.com. A phobia is an intense fear of a certain object, activity or situation. Phobia differs from the usual worry and stress, in that it can prevent a person from undertaking ordinary activities, states WebMD.

The fear of touching or being touched is known as aphenphosmphobia. For certain people, this fear is connected to members of the opposite sex. This phobia is often associated with women who have experienced sexual assault, and boys who have been sexually abused, notes Healthcentral.com.

Cacophobia is a tremendous fear of ugliness. People with this phobia are afraid of objects and persons who they perceive as ugly, explains Healthcentral.com. Experts believe that this fear links to previous traumatic events, which the victims relate to ugliness. Novercaphobia is the fear of one's stepmother. This fear can be as a result of personal, distressing experiences with stepmothers, or from the negative association with stepmothers.

Vestiophobia is the fear of clothes, or of being clothed. People with this phobia often wear very loose clothes, and some victims isolate themselves in order to stay nude, states Healthcentral.com.

Selenophobia is an overpowering fear of the moon. People with this phobia fear that the moon might cause dangerous behavior in people. Tales revolving around full moons and supernatural occurrences are partly responsible for this phobia.

Other strange phobias include pteronophobia, or fear of feathers; coulrophobia, or fear of clowns; and panophobia, which is a combination of multiple phobias, Health Central reports.