What Is a Weight Watchers Starter Kit?

The Weight Watchers starter kits are the Simple Start Kit and the ProPoints Kit, according to the Weight Watchers official website. Simple Start allows a person to eat a variety of foods without fasting or counting calories.

The Simple Start Kit consists of original breakfast oats, a Mediterranean herb bag, a recipe card pack and a fridge poster, states Weight Watchers. A person can prepare the breakfast oats within two minutes only by adding water and putting the oats in a microwave. The Mediterranean herb bag is a seasoning mix with a convenient baking bag that seals in the flavors. A person can cook a meal in one bag by adding chicken, vegetables and seasoning mix into the bag and then shaking the bag. The recipe card pack includes 20 easy recipes with step-by-step instructions. The fridge poster shows a complete list of everything a person can eat and drink, including the complete Filling & Healthy Food list, Flavour Boosters and Extra Treats.

Weight Watchers explains that the ProPoints kit provides a comprehensive guide of ProPoints values for numerous healthy supermarket foods, helping a person make smart choices and learn tips and strategies to shop wisely. Additionally, it includes a 12-week weight loss journal that allows dieters to track and plan food choices.