What Is My Weight Watchers Point Range?

Dieters can learn their Weight Watchers point range by completing the free assessment at WeightWatchers.com. Studies show that this personalized target plan helps people to lose weight, according to WebMD.

WebMD states that the Weight Watchers program allows people to eat whatever they want, including foods that are usually restricted from diets, such as ice cream and pasta. Under the program, all foods are assigned a points value. Foods that are healthy and filling are assigned a lower number of points, and foods that are unhealthy have a higher number of points.

According to WebMD, daily point targets are assigned according to height, weight, age and gender. Once the point target is assigned, a dieter can begin eating Weight Watchers approved foods and working towards her ultimate weight loss goal. The Weight Watchers plan does not require dieters to purchase pre-packaged meals. Instead, it offers meal tips, portion size recommendations and information for how to eat healthy when dining out. In-person Weight Watchers group meetings provide support and allow dieters to share healthy eating tips.

Weight Watchers has proven to be an effective weight loss tool, according to WebMD. It helps dieters lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week, which can lead to long-term weight loss.