How Are Weight-Watcher Points Calculated?


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The Weight Watchers Points system is calculated by analyzing the protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber in a given food and assigning it a value based on those numbers, as indicated by Calculator.net. Dieters are also assigned a daily point goal based on their current weight, height, age, gender and activity level with the ultimate goal of eating fewer points than their target number each day.

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WebMD explains that point values are assigned to foods based not only on nutritional content but also on how filling the food is. Foods that contain a lot of "empty calories" and are likely to leave dieters hungry soon after they are eaten have a higher point value than foods that balance a high nutritional value with a low fat content.

According to Wikipedia, Weight Watchers changed how points are assigned in 2010. Prior to that year, the caloric content of food was taken into account when assigning points, but under the new system, protein and carbohydrate content is analyzed instead. This led to many foods, primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, which were once worth one or two Weight Watchers points, dropping to a value of zero points. The system allows dieters to eat as much of these types of foods as they desire.

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