What Are Some Weight Loss Tips?

There are many ways to lose weight and countless tips on the best ways to do it. A good source for personalized weight loss recommendations is a personal physician, but there are also some very helpful ideas from a variety of sources in magazines and online, such as those from WebMD and Prevention Magazine.

One of the top recommendations from registered dietitian David Grotto, as noted by WebMD, is to add an array of healthy foods to the daily diet instead of focusing on foods that are being eliminated. The dietitian notes that keeping track of overall calorie count is important, but it's much easier for people to focus on what healthy food they like and can eat rather than what they're lacking. WebMD also stresses the importance of exercise, but Mr. Grotto recommends not calling the exercise a workout. He reasons that people often find ways to avoid exercise, but they are more likely to stick with a workout if they think of it as an activity they enjoy instead of exercise.

Prevention magazine recommends that eating a diet of small meals throughout the day that are rich in protein is extremely helpful for weight loss. This practice helps to stave off hunger and prevent overeating.