What Are Weight Loss Support Groups?


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According to the American Psychological Association, weight loss support groups were first organized to help dieters stick to their plans and meet their goals by offering peer support. These groups use scientifically proven behavior modification programs to help members achieve their goals. Peer support holds people accountable for their actions and encourages them to meet their goals when they see others doing well, in spite of facing the same temptations.

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The American Psychological Association explains that the rigorous Trevose Behavior Modification Program is the system most commonly used by weight loss support groups. A researcher who also suffered from obesity in the past launched this program in 1970, along with the first formal weight loss support group. This program requires group members to attend a session each week. These sessions have always been run by volunteers.

The International Journal of Obesity states that participants in weight loss groups based on the Trevose Behavior Modification Program lose an average of 19 percent of their body weight after just two years.

According to Time, adult obesity is linked to childhood trauma, another reason why weight loss support groups are so successful. Members of support groups can share the trials and tribulations they have faced throughout their lives to help one another move on and lose weight together.

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